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About Superior Academy of Music: Crafting Musical Excellence Since 2011

Welcome to Superior Academy of Music, your premier destination for exceptional music education in the vibrant city of Miami.

Since our establishment in 2011, we have consistently delivered outstanding music programs tailored to students of all ages and skill levels, including adults. Our diverse range of offerings includes piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, and voice lessons. What sets us apart is our proven track record of excellence. At Superior Academy of Music, we take immense pride in our students’ achievements. Many of our talented students have earned coveted scholarships to prestigious institutions such as Berklee College of Music in Boston, the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, Florida State University College of Music, and the New World School of the Arts.

Our commitment to musical excellence is further evidenced by our students’ outstanding performance in assessments through the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. They have consistently earned Center and State Certificates of Excellence, a testament to their top-tier skills at both local and state levels. Beyond our impressive local and state achievements, our students have made a mark on the global stage. They have garnered recognition and awards in international competitions, including the esteemed American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition. Furthermore, select students have had the privilege of gracing the prestigious Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall with their exceptional musical talents. At Superior Academy of Music, we nurture a community of passionate musicians and empower them to reach their full potential. Join us on a journey of musical excellence, where every note resonates with passion and dedication.

Achieve Excellence Through Music


From the Miami Herald article by Howard Cohen:

“Frost Dean Shelton Berg applauds the school’s selection of the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program for those who aspire to study music. “It’s based on benchmarks and verification levels. It’s a great idea to know what you are shooting for.” Berg also says a serious music instruction facility in Miami could be a boom for the community and the university as it considers college-bound applicants. “It’s very important because they [SAM’s Founders] have a philosophy of teaching music that is very comprehensive. [Students] are not only going to learn an instrument but they will learn music history and ear-training, and that’s what we train in our school,” Berg says.”

Dean Berg from The University of Miami's Frost School of Music

I was always the black sheep in the family when it came to music. I just didn’t seem to have any musical ability and yet I am now playing the piano because of the great instruction I have received at SAM! I have learned how to read music, music history, music theory and am improving my piano playing each week. Both William and Fabiana are exceptional teachers who really know how to explain concepts as well as teach all the little details that makes playing so much easier and enjoyable. My 6-year old is also taking piano lessons and is improving from week to week. He loves his lessons. Both my 6-year old and 4-year old take the musicianship class as well and they absolutely love their teachers and the class. No matter their mood after school, when they come out of their lessons, they are happy, singing and excitedly telling me about what they learned. I highly recommend SAM to anyone whether young or old who wants to learn music, how to play an instrument or simply have a creative, fun and peaceful outlet in life!”

Christian Cruz

5 Reasons to study at SAM


1. Unique Music Program. SAM’s comprehensive program provides in-depth musical skills and professional mentorship to its students, whether they are applying to performing arts magnet schools, aspiring professional musicians planning to study music at university, or general music students.

2. Highly Qualified Faculty. All SAM faculty is comprised of experienced teachers with Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Music who are also active and renowned performers at the national and international levels.

3. State-of-the-Art Facilities. SAM students can receive private lessons in professional sound-attenuated music booths. This is a unique opportunity for students to experience lessons with optimal music sound in a top-notch setting. Our high-tech musicianship classroom includes an interactive whiteboard and projector for the ultimate music learning experience. Our grand pianos and digital pianos are made by Kawai, one of the leading manufacturers of pianos around the world. Our comfortable waiting area includes free Wi-Fi for parents.

4. International Music Certification Opportunities. Superior Academy of Music is a Founding School for The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program, the standard for assessment in music education at the pre-college level. SAM’s students receive preparation for these national music assessments held twice a year. Students earn a National Certificate and written feedback from professionally trained adjudicators. SAM is also the local testing center for the Royal Conservatory so our students can take the assessments directly at our Academy.

5. Recital Performances Twice a Year Where Friends and Family Can Attend for Free.

SAM Students to Perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC!

We are thrilled to announce that three SAM piano students made their Carnegie Hall Debut, performing at Weill Recital Hall in New York City this Spring. Anastasia Bozhenova, and Ryan Kim, all students of Ms. Elena Fomicheva, were featured as part of the Winners’ Concert organized by the American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition. Anastasia Bozhenova won honorable mention in the Junior category (ages 11-14). Ryan Kim won honorable mention in the Young Musician’s category. We are incredibly proud of our students. Congratulations to Ryan, and Anastasia and to our wonderful piano teacher, Ms. Elena Fomicheva!

SAM Student Earns Full Tuition Scholarship at University!

SAM student Nicolas Velasquez has been a student for the past 5 years since SAM opened its doors back in 2011. Throughout his studies, he has taken full advantage of SAM’s comprehensive program receiving lessons in classical piano, jazz piano, music theory, ear training, harmony, voice, digital recording and music production. He has been the recipient of several awards including Certificates of Excellence for earning top grades locally and state-wide in the national assessments from the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. Most recently, he received a full tuition scholarship to pursue his music undergraduate degree at the New World School of the Arts. Congratulations to Nicolas and his teachers! To watch his testimonial about his experience at SAM click here.

NEWS! SAM Student and Faculty Featured on Television!