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Superior Academy of Music’s comprehensive program

SAM Program

Superior Academy of Music’s comprehensive program allows students to receive a complete music education. SAM’s program is based on private lessons (either 1/2 hour or 1 hour), where the lessons include not only performing skills and music reading, but also theory, ear training, and music history.

The private instrument or voice lessons are held in sound-proof music booths that function as professional recording studios. This cutting-edge setting allows students to learn and integrate musicianship skills in a fun and engaging way while fully immersing themselves in a unique musical experience. SAM’s comprehensive program is designed to allow students to not only improve in their chosen instrument, but also to gain the knowledge that will allow them to better understand and enjoy all aspects of music.

Students at SAM will become well rounded musicians and more proficient performers. Students may choose from a variety of instruments including piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, and/or voice lessons.

National Assessments Opportunities

Superior Academy of Music is a Founding School for The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program, the national standard for accreditation in music education at the precollege level. SAM’s students receive preparation for these national music assessments held three times a year and receive a National Certificate as well as detailed written feedback from national and international experts in the music field. In addition, SAM is also a testing center for The Royal Conservatory so students can take the assessments directly at our Academy. This program allows students to receive certification, track their progress, and measure their improvements based on an international standardized music curriculum. Examination costs are charged separately by the Royal Conservatory when students register for assessments.

SAM Recitals

At SAM, students will also have the opportunity to participate in semester recitals which are usually held at the St. Bede Episcopal Chapel at the University of Miami. Friends and family members are welcome to attend the recitals free of charge. The recitals are a wonderful opportunity for students to share their musical achievements with the community and also to learn through the experience of a live performance. Aside from performing, students have the opportunity to listen to fellow classmates and enjoy listening to the musical variety of different instruments and styles.