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Miami Piano Lessons

At Superior Academy of Music, our highly accredited teachers offer piano lessons in Miami for all ages and levels. Whether you are a long time music student or an excited beginner, our curriculum will challenge and engage you allowing for great musical growth and confidence. Our teachers have Masters and Doctorates in music and are active performers. At SAM, students receive an overview of technique and build repertoire from a variety of musical periods. The lessons are customized to each student’s individual needs and capabilities while at the same time follow the curriculum from the Royal Conservatory’s Music Development Program. At the end of each semester, students have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience as part of SAM’s semester recitals. We also offer students the opportunity to present a national assessment to receive profession written feedback from nationally certified adjudicators. After the assessments are completed, students receive a written report and a national certificate for their level.

SAM’S COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM: In addition to private lessons, students can take our 50-minute weekly musicianship group class that provides students with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of music theory and music history. It allows students to better understand and enjoy their musical studies. Students who participate in this class will become well-rounded musicians and more proficient performers.

I was always the black sheep in the family when it came to music. I just didn’t seem to have any musical ability and yet I am now playing the piano because of the great instruction I have received at SAM! I have learned how to read music, music history, music theory and am improving my piano playing each week. Both William and Fabiana are exceptional teachers who really know how to explain concepts as well as teach all the little details that makes playing so much easier and enjoyable. My 6-year old is also taking piano lessons and is improving from week to week. He loves his lessons. Both my 6-year old and 4-year old take the musicianship class as well and they absolutely love their teachers and the class. No matter their mood after school, when they come out of their lessons, they are happy, singing and excitedly telling me about what they learned. I highly recommend SAM to anyone whether young or old who wants to learn music, how to play an instrument or simply have a creative, fun and peaceful outlet in life!

Christian Cruz

Our family enrolled our ten-year old son in piano lessons at SAM in the fall of 2011. Without having any prior music lessons, we were amazed at how quickly he learned to play the piano. We had our first recital in December and were very impressed with the entire program for all students. Our son memorized 3 pieces of music to play at the recital and did a fantastic job! SAM is a class act with highly educated and professional teachers that take a special interest in each of their students. In addition, SAM offers a musicianship class that enhances learning and provides a well-rounded musical education. We love SAM and you will too!

Mary Beth Espinoza

Desde hace tres años asisten a clase de piano y teoría de la música mis dos hijos varones hoy 11 y 14 años y tengo que decir que hacen un trabajo excelente que disfruto cada momento que practican piano. Me encanta escuchar y ver el movimiento de sus dedos lo que logran sacar de ellos. Agradecer ese trabajo bien hecho a SAM.

Inma Marina

My boys received piano lessons here when they were 4 and 5 years old. They were very accommodating, caring and professional. I recommend anyone to send their child or go as an adult. They are amazing.

Stephanie Frank

I would highly recommend the Superior Academy of Music. I had researched all of Dade County to find a knowledgeable piano instructor for my son and finally found it at SAM. The instructor was able to help him overcome a few bad habits he had and it’s amazing how much my sons playing ability have improved. Everything is broken down and well explained so the student can understand and improve his skills. All instructors here have at least a masters degree and above and have many years of teaching experience. They follow the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program guidelines. If you are looking for the best in private music instruction pay this academy a visit!!

Lawrence Velasquez

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